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Dean Price is Global Realty Company, L.L.C.’s Broker. Dean received his first real estate sales license in Michigan while still in high school in 1986. He has held real estate licenses since that time and is currently licensed as a broker in Florida, Georgia, and Michigan. Dean is also a member of the Florida and Michigan bars. 

Since 1993, he has worked for a series of companies which provide legal and brokerage services to companies which development multifamily housing. In these roles, he has been directly involved in the acquisition of land for the Development of over 20,000 rental apartment units. 

A Buyer's Broker

Global Realty Company, L.L.C. works as a Buyer’s Broker for select clients. Our expertise is in residential land and investment properties. If you are interested in properties in Florida, please reach out to Dean and we will arrange a time to discuss your needs and whether or not we might work together to meet them.

If you are interested in listing multifamily land, we would start by making a determination as to whether or not any of our current Buyers would be potential purchasers. If our Buyers would not likely be a good fit for your property, we would be interested in exploring the possibility of a relatively short term listing to pursue targeted Buyers. 

Our Team

Dean Price


Phone: (407) 741-8540

Fax: (407) 643-2590

Email: dprice@global-realty.net

Nick Lenssen


Phone: (407) 691-5963

Fax: (407) 371-6276

Email: nlenssen@global-realty.net

Emel Milavetz


Phone: (407) 741-8510

Fax: (407) 643-2590

Email: emilavetz@global-realty.net

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Global Realty Company, L.L.C. serves as a Buyer’s Broker for select clients

If you are interested in properties in Florida, please email Dean at dprice@global-realty.net 

Global Realty Company, L.L.C.

Geneva, Florida, United States

Dean Price, Broker dprice@global-realty.net (407) 741-8540